Rules – 2014 Memorial Day Classic


Game Rules

– 16 Minute Stopped Clock Halves

– “Foul Out” with (6) Personal Fouls, The (10th) Team Foul is Double Bonus “ No 1 and 1”

– (4):30 Second Timeouts per game; (1) timeout in overtime. Overtime is Sudden Death.

– If a team is up by 30 at half the clock will run and not stop the entire half. If there is a 20 point margin with less than 8 minutes left in the 2nd half the clock will also run.

– Coaches, there is no seatbelt rule for techniques foul. However you are responsible for conduct of yourself, players, and fans.


Admission and Site Information

– Admission will be $10 per day. Kids 5 and under are free

– Coolers are NOT permitted in any of the 3 gyms. (Host Gym request, not ours.)

– Seating will be limited at Palm Beach State. Portable chairs with rubber bottoms permitted.

– There will be a concession stand at all 3 gyms.