Below are the game rules and game schedule for the 2012 Miami Suns Girls Basketball Team Showdown. Please note that schedule is subject to change.

Game Rules

– 16 Minute Stopped Clock Halves

– “Foul Out” with (6) Personal Fouls, The (10th) Team Foul is Double Bonus “ No 1 and 1”

– (4):30 Second Timeouts per game; (1) timeout in overtime.

– Overtime is 2:00 plus addition timeout (Regulation timeouts do not carry over)

– If a team is up by 30 at half the clock will run and not stop the entire half. If there is a 20 point margin with less than 8 minutes left in the 2nd half the clock will also run.

– 2nd technical foul is an automatic ejection.

Game Schedule

UPDATED: 9/26/12 – 8:30PM EST

Time Court 1 Court 2
5:15 G Storm vs. Miami Suns Larkins MCD Travel vs. Tampa Inferno
6:25 Cape Coast Titans 8th vs. Tampa Inferno 8th Treasure Coast Ballers vs. Miami Suns Red
7:35 CFE 2014 vs. New Jersey Sparks Florida Angels vs. Miami Suns Red
8:45 Miami Suns Fowles vs. Tampa Inferno FGB vs. South Florida Jags
9:55 FGB vs. Florida Angels  Cape Coast Titans 9th vs. CFE 2015
Time Court 1 Court 2
8:00 Florida Angels vs. MCD Travel G Storm vs. Cape Coast Titans 9th
9:10 New Jersey Sparks vs. Tampa Inferno South Florida Jags vs. Miami Suns Red
10:20 Miami Suns Fowles vs. CFE 2014 MCD  Travel vs.CFE 2015
11:30 Tampa Inferno 8th vs. Miami Suns Larkins FGB vs. Treasure Coast Ballers
12:40 CFE 2014 vs. South Florida Jags G Storm vs. CFE 2015
1:50 Miami Suns Fowles vs. New Jersey Sparks Cape Coast Titans 9th vs. Treasure Coast Baller